Happy Labour Day, fellow builders.

Today marks the day to celebrate the hard work and achievements of all fellow builders and workers in Kenya.
In light of this spirit, here at MyKazi.co.ke, we want to give away up to Ksh20,000.00 to the best and most honest
builders in Kenya. We have set up the following voting tool to enable your and your peers to vote for your favourite
builder using your mobile number as a reference. Kindly follow the instructions below and vote for your favourite fundi,
and lets reward them for their reliability, honesty, and hard work over the past year.

Prize Schedule:
1st Place: Ksh10,000.00
2nd Place: Ksh6,000.00
3rd Place: Ksh4,000.00

Leader board

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Fundi's Name          Fundi's phone          Fundi's specialization          Votes
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